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Welcome to our online Bid Board.  Please put a check next to all the jobs that you are interested in bidding on, and submit this form.  If there are jobs that you would like us to look at that are not listed - please enter them below.  Any information submitted is confidential.
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  Project Location Bid Date
Echo Hollow Pool Expansion and Renovations Eugene, OR 12/10/2019 2:00 PM
State Library Renovation Salem, OR 12/10/2019 2:00 PM
EPS Administrative Services Center Vancouver, WA 12/10/2019 6:00 PM
Marriott AC Hotel - Vancouver Waterfront Vancouver, WA 12/11/2019 4:00 PM
PDX TCORE Column Enabling Work MCU1 and MU10 Portland, OR 12/12/2019 2:00 PM
Facility Upgrade Project for Metro Regional Center Portland, OR 12/12/2019 2:00 PM
Nellie Muir School Woodburn, OR 12/12/2019 2:00 PM
Columbia River High School Addition Vancouver, WA 12/13/2019 4:00 PM
Art Rutkin Elementary School Tigard, OR 12/17/2019 2:00 PM
MWL Intertie Pump Station Project Lafayette, OR 12/17/2019 2:00 PM
LUSH Fresh Homemade Cosmetics Old Mill District Bend, OR 12/18/2019 12:00 AM
OSU Radiation Center Cooling Upgrade Covallis, OR 12/18/2019 2:00 PM
Central Kitrchen Remodel Project Bend, OR 12/18/2019 2:00 PM
LCOG Telecommunitcations Interconnection Facility Eugene, OR 12/18/2019 3:00 PM
Medford Hotel Upgrades Portland, OR 12/19/2019 12:00 AM
Talent Middle School Mechanical Project Talent, OR 12/19/2019 2:00 PM
Lane Community College Main Campus Elevator Eugene, OR 12/19/2019 2:00 PM
2020 Miller Elementary School Addition and Remodel Salem, OR 12/19/2019 2:00 PM
Professional Auto Transport Portland, OR 12/19/2019 5:00 PM
Sherwood New Middle School Sherwood, OR 1/7/2020 4:00 PM
FBO at Oregon Cave Chateau Grants Pass, OR 1/8/2020 10:00 PM
Greater Albany Public Schools Restroom Modernizati Albany, OR 1/9/2020 2:00 PM
La Villa Grill & Bar Tenant Improvement Portland, OR 1/10/2020 5:00 PM
Rock Building A - Little Wings Academy Portland, OR 1/10/2020 5:00 PM
Rockwood Building A - Mount Hood Community College Gresham, OR 1/10/2020 5:00 PM
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