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XeteX Air Handlers   Publish Date: 12/10/2013

XeteX is a specialty manufacturer of custom make-up air units, central station air handlers, and energy recovery ventilators for applications ranging from residential to industrial.
Heat Exchanger

The many highlights of their capabilities include:
• A variety of energy recovery options including plate, wheel and heat pipe with high effectiveness and low leakage rates
• A complete range of cooling & heating solutions and airflow tempering technologies
• Multiple control options including cooperation with BAS technicians or a complete factory provided tested sequence
• Pre-wired “Quick-Connect” sections to save on electrical field labor when unit ships in multiple sections
• A broad range of capacity from 80-80,000 CFM
• Flexible construction capabilities to accommodate applications such as pool dehumidification units, laboratory heat recovery, and industrial HVAC

For more information on XeteX and their innovative solutions to energy recovery and air handling, visit: