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Greenheck Introduces the New Model CSW   Publish Date: 12/10/2013

• Model AFSW and BISW will be phased out (by end of 2014) and replaced with the new model CSW. AF/BISW will continue to be available for OSHPD applications until the CSW has been certified

• Model CSW is an excellent choice for exhaust air, supply air, filtration, heating, air conditioning, and industrial process applications.

• Fans are currently available in 9 sizes (33 - 73). Sizes 7-30 are scheduled for release in August 2014

• The CSW will be selectable in CAPS with a backward-inclined or airfoil wheel—allowing users to compare the performance of each wheel type

• New features include: o a Class 0 design for low pressure applications o expanded motor and cover options o improved submittals with complete drawings and accurate weight and center of gravity calculations

For more information on the Greenheck model CSW, visit: