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Airedale Classmate and Schoolmate   Publish Date: 12/10/2013

• Classmate self-contained A/C unit configured as split fan coil, DX cooling, or heat pump for heating and cooling

• Schoolmate water/ground source heat pump

• Engineered for efficiency, noise reduction and a small footprint, featuring EC motors and an improved EER

• Integral 100% OA Economizer

• Optional energy recovery wheel to reduce OA load

• Lowest sound levels available, 5 ton (1800 CFM) unit produces 49 dB(A) with compressor running on stage 2

• Use of 2 row CF microchannel coil increases the EER of DX units by 10-15% and the COP of heat pump units by 20-30% while decreasing the airside pressure drop and reducing the amount of refrigerant used


For more information on the Airedale school units, visit: