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Greenheck CAPS Program   Publish Date: 3/10/2014

Greenheck CAPS is the only HVAC software selection program in the industry to offer “As Configured” Revit® and AutoCAD® drawings – saving drafters hours of time.
The program dynamically updates the as-configured Revit® content.
It has several features:
• The Revit® content is exactly the way it was configured in CAPS, including options/accessories.
• Revit® Family file sizes are small, keeping the project running fast yet providing enough detail.
• Includes intelligent information, such as electrical, performance, and duct connections.
• Easily updated– just re-select in CAPS, re-export, and re-load. Easy as 1, 2, 3!

To view a demonstration of the Revit® features in CAPS, please click here.