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Price Industries presents Beam and Sail Technology   Publish Date: 5/1/2014

Price Industries presents Beam and Sail Technology to PDX Architectural Community
This past April 11th, the Portland Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, welcomed Chris Tse, P.Eng. with Price Industries to present to the local architect community, a seminar on “ActiPrice Classroomve Beams, Passive Beams, and Sails for Heating and Cooling.” In addition to discussing the design considerations of the various products, Tse was also able to address preferred product applications, potential energy savings, and product flexibility.
• Click here to view the presentation: Engineering Presentation pdf
• To learn more about Price Chilled Beams and Sails please visit their website at
• For a presentation on the benefits and proper application of this technology held at your office for you and your design team, please contact Phil Damiano at

Upcoming AIA FRED Series:
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Jerry Sipes, P.E. Ph.D. June 25th 9:00-11:00 a.m.