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Greenheck AMD-TD Vari-Green   Publish Date: 6/15/2014

Greenheck is excited to announce the AMD-TD Vari-Green airflow measurement dampers. In addition to the original AMD differential pressure based units, the AMD-TD Vari-Green utilizes thermal dispersion technology to accurately measure airflow down to 0 fpm. For most applications either technology can be applied, however thermal dispersion airflow stations are better suited for applications where airflows below 500 fpm are consistently being measured.
There are four models available:
• AMD-23-TD 3V style blades
• AMD-33-TD fabricated airfoil blades
• AMD-42-TD extruded aluminum blades
• AMD-42V-TD vertically oriented extruded aluminum blades

For more information, visit the link below or contact the Engineering Sales department at Johnson Air Products 503-234-5071.