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GRRS Residential Range Suppression   Publish Date: 9/1/2014

GRRS – Residential Range Suppression
Suppression Hood
The Greenheck Residential Range Suppression (model GRRS)
hood is a UL300A certified kitchen hood with an integral fire suppression system meant for use over residential-style appliances in commercial settings. This hood can be applied when a Type 1 hood isn’t required by the International Mechanical Code but an automatic fire suppression system is desired. Typical applications include community- based residential facilities (CBRF’s), churches, fire stations, office cafeterias, and assisted living homes. The GRRS is available in sizes 30” and 36” with various options, including:
• Integral or external fans
• Gas, electric or dual utility range disconnects
• NFPA 101 Life Safety Code compliance kit
• Manual pull kits
For more information, contact the Johnson Air Engineering department at or call 503-234-5071.