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Price Mechanical: New Products for Your Needs   Publish Date: 11/11/2014

Price Mechanical: New Products for Your Needs
The ever evolving Price HVAC product offering has expanded into the air handler realm with the newly formed Price Mechanical, and has introduced new products to serve the air handler market, including:

  • Custom Air Handling units
    Price Mechanical manufactures a wide range of highly configured air handling units to meet your new construction and retrofit needs. Price mech unit
  • Rooftop Packaged DX units
    For many customers, cooling is necessary in providing a comfortable environment with good indoor air quality as well as helping minimize possible mold issues and other damage. Price offers a vast array of DX cooling solutions tailor-engineered to meet your needs, from 3-120 tons.
  • Gas Fired Make-up Air units
    Price Mechanical has packaged rooftop units with 90% efficient indirect fired gas heat sections and 80/20 Direct Fired Rooftop Make-up Air units for industrial and commercial applications.
  • Energy Recovery units
    To maximize energy efficiency while delivering enough outside air for your application's ventilation requirements, Price offers a full line of energy recovery options. These units utilize aluminum flat plate air to air HX or energy wheels. The Price DOAS unit can be packaged along with Price chilled beams for a truly energy efficient solution.

For more information on Price Mechanical, contact your local Johnson Air Products salesperson, or click here.