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Ventilation Air Requirements On Your VRF Jobs   Publish Date: 12/1/2014

Handling Ventilation Air Requirements On Your VRF Jobs
Fujitsu has a Ducted Indoor DOAS unit in the Airstage VRF product line. This product can condition up to 100% OA while maintaining the high efficiency of a VRF system and meeting the ventilation requirements for the space.

Benefits of the Fujitsu DOAS unit include:

• Greatly reduced electric consumption by utilizing a permanent magnet (DC brushless) motor.
• Low unit height to fit in tight ceiling spaces.
• A DC motor that can speed up and slow down automatically maintining a constant airflow over a range of external static pressures up to 0.96 in. WG.
• Various controllers, available in both wired and wireless configurations.

For more information on Fujitsu, contact your local Johnson Air Products salesperson, or click here.