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TWA Introduces High Capacity Chilled Sails   Publish Date: 1/1/2015

TWA Introduces High Capacity Chilled Sails

TWA has introduced a new custom extrusion, the TWA Tsunami Wave, which offers both increased aesthetics and performance.

The TWA Tsunami wave offers:

• Increased surface area over standard parabolic or triangular sails, resulting in capacities (Btuh/SF) that can produce up to double the standard extrusion capacity.
• Custom slot configurations available, to get a specific look and to increase the convective portion of the capacity.
• Performance testing in accordance with DIN EN 4715.
• Optional press on braided connection hoses available without any modifications required to the piping, resulting in increased labor savings.

For more information on the TWA Tsunami Wave, contact your local Johnson Air Products salesperson at 503-234-5071.