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Price FDCOA Fan Powered Terminal Unit for DOAS   Publish Date: 2/15/2015

Price FDCOA Fan Powerd Terminal Unit for DOASPrice 1
The Price FDCOA is a series flow fan powered terminal unit specifically designed for operation with a Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS). The primary valve of the FDCOA terminal is supplied with fresh air from the DOAS and controls the amount of fresh air to the space. A cooling coil mounted to the return air inlet is selected to handle the space sensible cooling load. price 2
The Price FDCOA units offer substantial benefits over conventional VAV systems, as hydronic systems are far more efficient and take up less space than air systems. The fan powered FDCOA is also a complementary product to chilled beam applications. The fan assist and up to 6 rows of additional cooling coil capacity could reduce the quantity of units and the overall installed cost.
price 3

For more information on the Price FDCOA unit, contact your local Johnson Air Products salesperson, or click here