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Fujitsu World’s Most Efficient Heat Pump 3/1/2015

As much as half of the energy used in your home goes to heating and cooling. So making smart decisions about a home’s HVAC system can have a big effect on utility bills — and comfort.

2014 Mechanical Code Clarifies Ventilation Control 3/1/2015

The 2014 Oregon Mechanical Code clarifies the automatic operation of intermittent mechanical ventilation systems for enclosed parking garages in accordance with the Energy Code.

Greenheck Offers HVAC University Classes 2/15/2015

Greenheck has been known as a manufacturer that provides unequalled training opportunities for customers both at the factory in the Training Center and on the road with the AirTour.

Greenheck Introduces the New Model USF 2/15/2015

Greenheck has developed a new utility set model USF to complement the recently released CSW, centrifugal single wide.

Price FDCOA Fan Powered Terminal Unit for DOAS 2/15/2015

The Price FDCOA is a series flow fan powered terminal unit specifically designed for operation with a Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS).

Are You Exceeding The RCL On Your VRF Jobs? 1/1/2015

When designing VRF projects, due to having refrigerant in the occupied space, special consideration needs to be given to the Refrigerant Concentration Limit (RCL).

TWA Introduces High Capacity Chilled Sails 1/1/2015

TWA has introduced a new custom extrusion, the TWA Tsunami Wave, which offers both increased aesthetics and performance.

Ventilation Air Requirements On Your VRF Jobs 12/1/2014

Fujitsu has a Ducted Indoor DOAS unit in the Airstage VRF product line. This product can condition up to 100% OA while maintaining the high efficiency

New Lab Exhaust Fan System Options 12/1/2014

Greenheck has recently announced the expanded product offering for the SAVVE (Sure Aire Variable Volume Exhaust) variable geometry nozzle to be applied to larger fans, now saving more energy on larger fan systems.

Air Curtains Approved for Vestibules 12/1/2014

Last year, the International Code Council (ICC) heard testimony and voted on changes to the 2012 edition of the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC).

Price Mechanical: New Products for Your Needs 11/11/2014

The ever evolving Price HVAC product offering has expanded into the air handler realm with the newly formed Price Mechanical

Engineering News Reaches First Year Milestone 10/1/2014

Our newsletter has reached its first year milestone and we want to know what you think!

Unique Solutions for Air Distribution 10/1/2014

AirConcepts Inc. is an air distribution manufacturer specializing in unique air distribution products within the HVAC industry.

Legacy Chillers Systems 10/1/2014

Johnson Air Products is proud to announce the addition of Legacy Chiller Systems to our line card.

Price Enhanced Filter Efficiency 9/1/2014

Price Offers Enhanced Filter Efficiency for Fan Powered Terminal Units
Price Industries offers the MERV 8 and 13 filter boot, an engineered assembly which allows fitting of the filter on the return

Energy Recovery Filter Hood System 9/1/2014

Energy Recovery Filter Hood System
The Energy Recovery Filter Hood System (models GTEW, GTDW) utilizes heat exchangers in the hood filters to capture waste heat from the exhaust airstream.

GRRS – Residential Range Suppression 9/1/2014

GRRS – Residential Range Suppression
The Greenheck Residential Range Suppression (model GRRS) hood is a UL300A certified kitchen hood with an integral fire

Strategies for Reducing Mechanical Noise Webinar 8/1/2014

Strategies for Reducing Mechanical Noise Webinar
In case you missed it, July 8th and 10th, Price offered an exceptional Webinar for Engineers.

Modulating Plus Radiant Tube Heater 8/1/2014

Detroit Radiant Products Offers MP Series Modulating Plus Radiant Tube Heater
The MP Series full air and gas modulating infrared heater allows you to select the desired performance curve that best suits your building requirement

Price All-In-One for Engineers & Contractors 7/16/2014

Price All-In-One 3 Software has been developed to make selecting, configuring, and calculating performance for Price products

Modine Open House a Success 7/15/2014

Johnson Air Products hosted the Modine Open House on June 26th at our Portland branch.

Price Industries Introduces a New Website 7/15/2014

After nearly two years in the making, Price has announced the launch of their new feature- rich website

Greenheck Systems Videos 6/15/2014

Greenheck offers 5 short videos covering different building ventilation systems.

Greenheck AMD-TD Vari-Green 6/15/2014

Greenheck is excited to announce the AMD-TD Vari-Green airflow measurement dampers. In addition to the original AMD differential pressure based units, the AMD-TD Vari-Green utilizes thermal dispersion technology

Greenheck videos on building ventilation systems 5/1/2014

Each video outlines the Greenheck products available for each type of System:

New EQB Mixed Flow Inline Fan 5/1/2014

Greenheck’s new EQB fan, with an innovative hybrid design, offers better air and sound performance than axial and centrifugal inline fans at a fraction of the cost of traditional mixed flow fans.

Price Industries presents Beam and Sail Technology 5/1/2014

This past April 11th, the Portland Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, welcomed Chris Tse, P.Eng. with Price Industries to present to the local architect community

Modine Atherion Savings Calculator 4/1/2014

Modine Atherion Savings Calculator Shows Energy Savings on Rooftop Units Designed for energy efficiency and ease of installation and serviceability, the Atherion rooftop unit can potentially save

Twa Radiant Heating & Cooling 4/1/2014

Last week, over 120 Portland-area architects were introduced to Twa radiant heating and cooling panels and chilled sails.

It’s About Time 3/10/2014

Johnson Air Products will be hosting an Open House for the new line of innovative Luxaire® Eclipse™ rooftop units.

Greenheck CAPS Program 3/10/2014

Computer-Aided Product Selection & Design Software
Greenheck CAPS is the only HVAC software selection program in the industry to offer “As Configured” Revit® and AutoCAD® drawings – saving drafters hours of time.

Price Floor Mounted Active Beams 3/10/2014

Model ACBC Floor Mounted Active Beam:
• Provides high cooling and heating capacities, while simultaneously supplying ventilation air from a DOAS unit to the space at low velocities.
• Functions ideally for perimeter applications that naturally

Johnson Air Products is now on Facebook! 3/10/2014

Stay up-to-date on:
• Monthly sales
• Product videos
• Holiday closures
• Company events & MORE!!!

Make-A-Wish & Luxaire 2/11/2014

Johnson Air Products, through our partnership with Luxaire, proudly supports the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Its two great organizations coming together for one great cause.

Toxalert 2/11/2014

Toxalert is an industry-leading manufacturer of gas detection systems. Their sensors and controllers are designed to monitor levels of toxic, combustible, oxygen depleting, refrigerant or other gases.

Greenheck CAPS Program : The Microsoft Systems Ins 2/11/2014

The MSI installation package has proven to have fewer issues with other programs and antivirus software

Twa Panel Systems, Inc. 1/2/2014

Twa manufactures radiant heating and cooling panels. Twa's radiant panels are an energy, cost saving method of heating and cooling,

Weather-Rite 1/2/2014

Weather-Rite is best known for high quality, industrial grade, commercial and industrial HVAC systems, including:

Greenheck CAPS Selection Software 1/1/2014

CAPS will save you time when selecting HVAC products by provides all the relevant and accurate information that you need including product selections, sizing, performance data, fan curves,

Fujitsu Airstage V-II VRF 1/1/2014

VRF System At A Glance

Airedale Classmate and Schoolmate 12/10/2013

Greenheck Introduces the New Model CSW 12/10/2013

Model AFSW and BISW will be phased out (by end of 2014) and replaced with the new model CSW. AF/BISW will continue to be available for OSHPD applications until

Price Controls – Simple and Reliable 12/10/2013

System Controls by Price offer the latest innovations in DDC technology, allowing building owners to save energy and provide superior occupant comfort. Stand alone and BACnet

XeteX Air Handlers 12/10/2013

XeteX is a specialty manufacturer of custom make-up air units, central station air handlers, and energy recovery ventilators for applications ranging from residential to industrial.

Honoring our Medford Team and their over 75 years 11/11/2013

Air Curtains Approved Exception to Vestibule Rule 11/11/2013

On Wednesday Oct. 9, 2013, the public comment hearing of the International Code Council (ICC) heard testimony and conducted voting for additions / changes to the 2012 edition of the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). As a result, the following change will take place

Price Critical Control Valves 11/11/2013

Price Venturi Valves are mechanically pressure independent control valves designed specifically for room pressure and fume hood control applications, with the

Greenheck HPA, Housed Plenum Array 11/11/2013

The housed plenum fan, model HPA from Greenheck can be used individually or in an array in air handlers, general supply/return systems or retrofit applications where space or access is limited. It includes such features

Lunch-N-Learn Corner 11/11/2013

If you are looking for more information on any of the following topics, please contact your sales representative to setup a meeting.


Luxaire Install 10/7/2013

Luxaire 97.7% efficient furnace with heat pump installation...

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