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Greenheck Introduces the New Model USF   Publish Date: 2/15/2015

Greenheck Introduces the New Model USF

Greenheck has developed a new utility set model USF to complement the recently released CSW, centrifugal single wide. The USF is offered in multiple levels of construction to provide optimal value for the application:
USF-200 is an economical option constructed from galvanized steel with a bolted frame and a BI wheel. It provides an economical option for Class I airflow and pressure applications when clean air is being exhausted. Capacities range from 50 to 13,700 cfm and up to 5” wg.
USF-300 replaces the SWB-200 and 300 models, which are being phased out. This workhorse is available with coatings, bolted or welded construction and a BI wheel. Capacities extend to 54,000 cfm and up to 5” wg.
USF-400 is a new construction series that spans the gap between traditional utility sets and industrial blowers. It features painted steel construction and the option of BI or AF wheel. Capacities extend to 69,000 cfm and up to 9.0” wg.
For more information on the Greenheck model USF, click here.